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Flour is a soft, dry powder that is usually ground from grain, though it can also be made from vegetables, fruits, legumes or nuts. Its primary use is in baked goods, to thicken soups, stews or gravies, and to coat meats and fish as a breading. Most flour is milled through high speed steel rollers and mesh sifters. The rollers crack the grain, allowing the endosperm to be separated from the bran and the germ. For wholegrain flours, the germ and bran are returned to the flour at the end of the process.

All Purpose Flour Untreated
Gluten Free All Purpose Flour
Organic Hard All Purpose Flour
Almond Flour
Organic Amaranth Flour
Arrowroot Flour
Barley Flour
Bean Flour (Romano)
Strong Bakers Flour (Vienna Bread Flour)
White Bread Machine Flour
Whole Wheat Bread Machine Flour
Buckwheat Flour
Light Buckwheat Flour
Cake & Pastry Flour
Chickpea Flour
Coconut Flour
White Corn Flour (stone ground)
Yellow Corn Flour
Garfava Flour (Garbanzo, Fava)
Graham Flour
Double 00 Italian Flour
Organic Kamut Flour
Millet Flour
Multigrain Flour
Oat Flour
Potato Flour
Organic Quinoa Flour
Brown Rice Flour
White Rice Flour
Rye Flour
Dark Rye Flour
Self-Rising Flour
Durum Semolina (for pasta)
White Semolina
Sorghum Flour
Soya Flour
Organic Spelt Flour (stone ground)
Tapioca Starch (flour)
Teff Flour
Vital Wheat Gluten
Stone Milled Whole Grain Flour
Hard Whole Wheat Flour
Soft Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Hard Whole Wheat Flour
Organic Red Fife Whole Wheat Flour
7 Grain Flour